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Starred review from the Library Journal!

“The first title in the “Randi Lassiter” murder mystery series paints a grisly picture of a deranged serial killer and the grotesque capabilities of a twisted mind. But romance readers, don’t despair! Sparks fly between the jilted Randi and her hunky detective, and not even gruesome murder scenes can stop this pair from igniting.” ~Library Journal

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“The last 10% of this novel is wicked intense, as our heroine runs for her life from a psychotic killer.” “But it was also surprisingly funny, sweet, and sexy as hell. Everything builds towards a suspenseful climax which will keep you on the edge of your seat.” ~Romance4thebeach



What readers are saying:


Good Start, Great Potential

“This was a really interesting book for a first in a series. The characters of Randi and Jon are immediately likable and keep you engaged throughout. Many of the descriptions were vivid and I could envision the characters and scenes, which kept me engaged as a reader. This romance/murder mystery, though gruesome at times, was compelling and well told.”  For more, read the full review on Amazon


Wonderful new author! Very Enjoyable!

“If you like suspense and romance, mixed in with humor, don’t miss reading this one! This book was enjoyable from beginning to end. It keeps you guessing right up to the last chapter and even has a happy ending. I loved the fact that it takes place in Wisconsin, where I have lived my whole life with cities, towns, and places I know well. This author reminds me of Janet Evanovich, Danielle Steel, Susan Mallery, just to name a few other authors I’ve read and enjoyed.” For more, read the full review on Amazon.


Kennison hits a home run

“Do not let this first time author fool you, this is a very good book and a must read. I’m not a big romance nut and this book tip toed on that line for me, but the romance portion was done very well and had different levels of involvement. On the other hand give me plenty of suspense and boy did the author do that. Randi Lassiter had me hooked from the start. Still Life has it all; murder, mayhem, humor, romance and intrigue. With DB’s easy writing style, her colorful characters and vividly painted scenes, you’re right there in the book. I wanted to read right through to the end but didn’t want it to end either. Great twists and turns and just enough crazy clues to have yourself second guessing “Who Done It ?”. Wonderful first book in the series. Can’t wait for the next.” For more,read the full review on Amazon.


Great read! Interesting plot.

“This book was right up my alley. When I started reading it, I was drawn into the easy writing style of the author. It is a romantic mystery thriller with plot twists and surprises. The characters are well-developed and interesting; it was very easy to get drawn in by them. If you enjoy Evanovich or Patterson, you will love this one. I was disappointed to see it end, but I cannot wait to read the next one! This author has definitely made a fan out of me!” For more, read the full review on Amazon.

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